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Hi guys! A few weeks ago me and the Blonde went on a little shopping spree… This of course meant we stopped by some beauty stores, the main one being Priceline. When we visited Priceline they had a special Mother’s Day offer, if you spend $60 or more on selected cosmetics brands, you would receive a black bag full of other cosmetic goodies! Me and the Blonde went half-half because neither of us wanted to spend the full $60 on our own bags, meaning we shared the things inside. The Blonde has already shown you the things she bought for her $30 and the freebies she recieved, and I will be doing that right now!


The things I bought:

Maybelline Clean Express Total Clean! Eye and Lip Makeup Remover – $6.95 Savvy concealer stick in #03 – dark (It’s actually quite light :P) $3.99 Maybelline Color Whispers #55 – One Size Fits Pearl – $14.95 (was $10.95) Savvy 4-in-1 Brush Set – $9.99 Essence I ❤ Extreme! Volume Mascara – $4.95 (not included in offer)

What I received:

Maybelline Dream Fresh 8 in 1 BB cream in Medium – $15.95 Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in 025 Peachy Parfait – $21.95 ModelsPrefer Moisture Lust Glossy Lip Tint 1013 Candy Licious – not sure (I looked on the Priceline website and I couldn’t find it… discontinued maybe?)(update: I found it on somebody’s Priceline haul and it was $7.99) 4 samples of Maybelline Dream Pure 8 in 1 BB cream ModelsPrefer Double Agent Kohl Liner in Matte Black – $8.99 ModelsPrefer Black Sparkle Clutch – $8.99
That’s over $60 worth of free cosmetics!! I will be doing a review on each of these products soon, so stay tuned!
🙂 -The Brunette xox


Weekend Haul! | The Blonde


Hello All!

Yesterday the Brunette and I went on a (small) shopping spree. I noticed that Priceline had a special Mother’s Day sale on where if you spend $60 you get a bag full of freebies! (It ends today so be quick!). The brunette and I went halfsies and spent $30 each. Now, of course there was a catch, which was that you could not change the colour of any of the products to match your skin tone. Fortunately Louiseee and I have very different skin colours! Above is picture of everything I got.


This is what I bought:

Rimmel London Scandaleyes Flex Mascara (Green Bottle) $13.56 (usually $16.95)

Maybelline Clean Express Total Clean Express Eye & Lip Makeup remover $6.95

Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder in 003 (Peach Glow) $10.36 (usually $12.95)


These are my freebies!:

Savvy Liquid Eyeliner in Black $5.99

Nude by Nature Soft Focus Illuminator $22.95

Rimmel London Match Perfection in 301 (Warm Honey) $17.95

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in 406 (Purple Heart) $11.95

Fingrs Edge Ombré Nail Polish $12.99

Revlon Beyond Natural Professional eyelashes in Sweetie Doll $8.99

Manicare Nail Polish Remover Pads $?

1000 Hour 3D Nail Wraps (32 pcs) $10

Physicians Formula Concealer Twins in yellow/light (3065) $19.95

That’s over $110 worth of freebies!!! I will do a review on each of the products soon.

I’m pretty sure that the colours varied in the nail products. The Brunette will upload her haul post which will include what the other freebies we received were! Tell me if you’ve tried any of these products before, I’d love to know if I got good freebies or just the bad products from each brand haha!

Byeee for now! xx The Blonde

How Well Do You Know…Tag l The Brunette

Hi guys! Me and the Blonde, also known as Lucehh, decided to do a tag for you guys so you could get to know us better. We sent each other 20 questions we made up to see how well we knew the other. Here are the question I sent Lucy and the answers I got back. My questions are in bold, her answers are in normal font and my comments/responses are in italics 🙂

Least favourite food? lel no 0points

Probably something like brocoollie

I actually ❤ broccoli so no… it’s actually bittermelon ewww

Favourite band? 😉 ja ja 1 point

One direction


Top 5 favourite TV shows? imma give you 0.2 of a point because you only got one out of my top 5 faves 🙂

1. Cake boss 2. MKR 3. Vampire Diaries 4. Toddlers and Tiaras 5.  Cupcake wars

not quite ahahahah, my top 5 favourite TV series are:

– Cake Boss

– Glee

– Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo

– Ja’mie

– Masterchef ahahha

Where do I want to study? 0points 😦

That irish university

Nope, I actually wanna study in either Venice or London 🙂

favourite color? 0points 😦

Purple or blue.. possibly green :0


Most viewed Music Video? 0points 😦

Half a heart

There isn’t even a Half a Heart music video ahahha, it’s actually You And I ❤

Team Harry/Hermione or Harry/Ginny? 1point 🙂



Favourite songs? (Past or current) 1point 🙂

Midnight Memories, Half a heart, What makes you beautiful, COunting stars, little me, Ed sheeran.. lego house? OH ohhohohohohohhoohh that cherlloyd song you were talking about in P,E. Superhero? Best song ever, Roar/Dark horse, Jai Waetford or Taylor henderson song

All of them are some of my faves, but some more are Swagger Jagger, Oath, I want, Happy, and Let It Go 🙂

Something most people don’t know about me? lel 0points

You are short.

EVERYONE knows I’m short. -.-

Am I fab or am I fab!? hell yes 1point



Josh Hutcherson or Theo James? 1point 

This is a trick question, the answer is both.

perf answer. 

Favourite Disney Princess/queen? 0points

Elsa, Belle



…small but you like wearing oversized shirts so medium 🙂

2 points because you guessed what size I like to wear and what size I actually am 🙂

Favourite movies? 0.25points 🙂

Hunger games, the clique or mean girls, possibly frozen

You got one out of my 4 faves 🙂

– Wild Child

– Mean Girls

– Pitch Perfect

– Grown-Ups

Favourite holiday I’ve been on? nah man 0points



What’s my most embarrassing high school moment? 0points for not even trying haha

When you… um..


What is my future Last name?? 😉 0points

Malik, Tomlinson, Styles, Horan or possibly Payne. I was gonna be so proud of myself for remembering all their last names, I was so close to googling Liam’s last name. Fortunately Wave Rider overuses the term Liam Payne haha.

wow that is sad, obviously my future last name is gonna be either Franta, Hutcherson or James 🙂

Where in the Philippines am I from? 0points

Panay Bisais

wow what. even.

Favourite makeup item? 0points

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation

girl come on it’s Kate Moss’s lipstick 🙂

Most viewed YouTube video? 0points

Something by one direction or like Zoella or something..





TOTAL SCORE – 7.45/21 🙂



Okay guys, so that was my part of the ‘How Well Do You Know… Tag’, leave us a comment down below if you want us to answer our questions for the other person as well 🙂


AKA, the Brunette

How Well Do You Know… Tag | The Blonde

Heya All!

The Brunette and I have decided to do a new tag which we thought up (and has probably been done before but still..). We emailed each other a list of 20 questions about ourselves which the other had to try and answer. I tag anyone that wants to attempt this with a close friend/co-blogger, go on I dare you. Any questions are allowed, make it reasonably difficult but not completely ridiculous. This is the list of questions I sent The Brunette and the answers that I got :-). My questions are bold font, answers are normal and my comments in italics.

1. What are my favourite TV shows? 1/2 a mark

  •  How I met your mother, DUHHH
  •  The Lying Game
  •  Modern family

Kind of right Louise ~ I did like HIMYM and The Lying Game but they’re no longer my faves because they are over 😦 I don’t know where you got Modern Family from haha! My current faves are

  • Arrow
  • The Blacklist
  • Two Broke Girls

2. Which accents can I do?  You can have 1/2 a mark 😉

You probs can’t do these very well ahahah

  • English?
  • American?

I cannot do an English accent Louise hahahaha, nor can I do a Jamaican one. I can do a pretty good American one though and my Asian accent is preeeetty fine! So you get 1/2 a mark.

3.       What dress size am I? MWHAHAHAHA 1 mark for you haha 

I think from our shopping trip, size 8?

It kinda varies 6/8 and once a 9 but that didn’t fit so well so yep.

4.       What do I want to study after I finish high school? No points for this one 😦

something that doesn’t involve dissection. 😉

I want to study either photography, English, marketing or law… That’s four options, so you don’t get any points for your smartie pants answer 😉

5.       What piece of clothing do I wear the most (other than school uniform L)? That is correc, 1 point for you.


This is very true.

6.       What was my worst grade ever?  0 points.

Probs C+?

C in Drama, you lose 🙂

7.       Can you name all my favourite songs from high school (past and present ~ any songs which I have had as a favourite song at some point)?  No points because you could only think of one.


Wow, do you know how many favourite songs I have had? Fail.

  • Towers ~ Little Mix
  • Airplanes ~ B.O.B
  • Alone Together ~ Fall Out Boy
  • Beautiful ~ Sarah De Bono
  • Beautiful Life ~ Union J
  • Because of you – Kelly Clarkson
  • Best Day of My Life ~ American Authors
  • Best Song Ever ~ One Direction (IKR WHATTT?)
  • Ready or not ~ Bridgit Mendler
  • Coming Home ~ Pixie Lott ft. Jason Derulo
  • It Girl ~ Jason Derulo
  • Brokenhearted ~ Karmin
  • Cannonball ~ Little Mix
  • Little Me ~ Little Mix
  • Carry you ~ Union J (Congrats on getting 1 correct)
  • Change your life ~ Little Mix
  • Classic ~ MKTO
  • Compass ~ Lady Antebellum
  • Counting Stars ~ OneRepublic
  • Crazy bout you ~ Jessie J
  • Dreaming ~ Smallpools
  • Everybody ~ Justice Crew
  • Fight for you ~ Jason Derulo
  • Forgot you ~ Bella Ferraro ft. Will Singe
  • Borrow my heart/his new song ~ Taylor Henderson
  • Gold ~ Britt Nicole
  • Like a drum ~ Guy Sebastian
  • Somebody loves you ~ Betty Who
  • Hold me ~ Jamie Grace
  • I remember me ~ Jennifer Hudson
  • If today was your last day ~ Nickelback
  • Impossible ~ James Arthur
  • Pop a bottle ~ Jessica Mauboy
  • Just give me a reason ~ P!nk
  • Wake me up ~ Avicci
  • Lucky ones ~ Union J
  • The Man ~ Aloe Blacc
  • Movie Star ~ JTR
  • Old School Love ~ Ed Sheeran and Lupe Fiasco
  • Ordinary Man ~ Altiyan Childs
  • Rather Be ~ Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne
  • Say Something ~ A Great Big World
  • Rude ~ Magic!
  • Royals ~ Lorde
  • Stay ~ Rihanna
  • Still Into You ~ Paramore
  • Stupid Love ~ Jason Derulo

And that’s only some but I think I’ve made my point…

8.       What revelation did I make this year, concerning the left and right? 1 point.

-.- when you make your hands into ‘L’ shapes, the one that is the right way facing you is your left side, not your right -.-

How embarrassing…

9. Favourite YouTube video? 0 points.

probs like how animals eat their food? OR SAM DANCING AHAHAHAHAHA

My fave YouTube vid is: If Google was a guy. HAHAHAHA

10.   What do I complain about the most? 1 point

… complain about a lot.

The ugly truth….

11.   What foods do I refuse to eat? fail, 0 points.


Are you serious? I’m like the fussiest but these are the ones that I refuse to eat the most:

  • Seafood
  • Most Chicken food that Dad cooks

12.   My favourite book? 0 points for not trying.

I have no idea ahahaha

Perfect Cover, Cinderella Cleaners, The Secret Island, basically anything by Enid Blyton…

13.   What apps do I use the most? lol no, 1/2 point.

Email, Instagram, kik, music, YouTube

Wow, no. Snapchat, High School Story, Messenger, Music (I’ll give you that),Pixel People, Tiny Tower, Camera, Farm heroes, Extreme Road Trip 2, Photos, MoliPlayer and Notes. Haha I have no life… :/

14.   The worst thing I have ever cooked/made? O points

That thing where you blew up the microwave or that really bad brownie?

The thing with the microwave was pretty bad (it was a cake, I tried to heat up the butter in a metal mixing bowl… we now have a new microwave :)) but my worst was definitely the milkshake I made once. I didn’t have any ice cream and I wanted it to have a thicker consistency so I added custard… BIG MISTAKE. Piece of advice: Stick to ice cream… 😉

15.   My biggest fear? 1 point


Nuff said.

16.   What parts of my body do I hate people touching? hahaha your dirty mind is ticking away isn’t it? 0 Points

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA is it your side?

Nope, Neck and Knees. 

17.   My first “M rated movie”? I do, 0 points.

wtf who remembers that

17 Again haha at a ninth birtbday party. 

18.   What instrument have I learnt to play? 0 Points


I don’t know anybody who has actually learnt to play the triangle… I’ve learnt piano before though, gave up because I didn’t like practicing.

19.   Which sports do I like to watch? 0 points

uhm… tennis? ew

Tennis? Like you said.. ew. haha I only play that. I like watching AFL (Only Adelaide Crows though) and Soccer, that’s basically it other than the Olympics

20.   What PS3 game do I suck  am I not very good at? 1 point


Yeah, well I’m probably bad at all of them but the only ones I’ve actually played are Fifa (Fail) and some racing game, Need for speed I think (epic fail).

So how did Louiseee do? 7 ½ out 20!!!!  Wow, shows how much you know about me hahaha. To be fair, she has only known me for just over a year…

Hope you all enjoyed today’s post 🙂 Let me know if you try it out too in the comments or tag us!!!

Ciao for now! xx



Make-Up on a Budget – The Double Take | The Brunette

webcam 002

~My First Post

Hi! I’m Louiseee, one of the authors here on The Brunette and the Blonde Diaries, me obviously being the Brunette. Who else out there struggles with money when it comes to shopping and make-up? I know I do, so today I’m going to be showing you some make-up items that serve a double purpose so you can save your money for more important stuff, like that cute little handbag you’ve had your eye on for agessss. 😉 So without further ado, let’s get started! 🙂



I’m starting off with one of the most common products that people use twice, lipstick. If you’re one of those people who hates spending $15-20 on a good quality lipstick and then forking out another $25-30 for a good quality cream blush, this make-up double is for you! After applying your lipstick, swipe it on the apples of your cheeks in circles and blend with a blush brush or your fingers. Ta-da! now you have a lipstick AND a cream brush for more than half the price! 🙂 I’ve also heard of lipstick being used as cream eye shadow, but I wouldn’t recommend it as lipstick has not been tested for the eyes.


I myself was a bit skeptical when someone told me this make-up double-up, but now I swear by it. Before applying your mascara, take the mascara wand out and get an eyeliner brush and gently dip it into the formula and use as normal gel liner. It works fantastically and has definitely replaced some of my eyeliner pencils! You can also used cleaned mascara wands as a brow brush to set all your hairs in place. 🙂

Eye Liner

Mascara may have replaced some of my eyeliner, but not all of them, especially since eye liner has more than 2 uses as makeup! Obviously, you use them to line your eyes, but you can also use them as a subtle eye shadow by cross-hatching the lines lightly on your inner corners and blending outwards, making sure to get rid of all the lines. If you have an eye liner close to your brow colour, you can also use an eyeliner pencil as your brow pencil, and it works just as well! 🙂 And the final use for eye liner is as a lip pencil, especially if you have coloured liners, just use as you normally would for a lip pencil 🙂

Hope you save lots of moolah with these Make-up Double-up items, and look out for more Make-Up on a Budget blog posts 🙂


A Natural Make Up Look | The Blonde


First post ~ A natural makeup look

Hello there! Welcome to The Brunette and Blonde Diaries! I’m Lucehhh and I am The Blonde. My co-author, Louiseee is The Brunette! We are the two authors of this blog but we are happy to have guest posts! For our first post I have decided to create a natural make up look for all the young readers. Because I am a young person I think that a lot of the bloggers on here create make up looks for people in their twenties (or late, late teens ;)) so I have created a look for those younger bloggers/blog readers.

-Simple facial moisturiser
-Natio Mineral Pressed Powder (Medium Tan)
-Nude By Nature BB Cream (Light)
-Covergirl Intense Shadow Blast (I assume it is the colour “Brown Bling” which I looked up on Priceline, the bottle has no colour on it.)
-Designer Brands Kohl Eyeliner (Black)
– Juvena Powder Eyeshadow Duo (Number 52 – Gold) I cannot find this product online, I got it from my grandma. It was a gold coloured eyeshadow but I doubt that “gold” is it’s actual name. I think the Juvena brand may have closed down.
-Crabtree & Evelyn Lip Butter (Vanilla Creme Brûlée)
-Maybelline Lipstick (Are You Red-dy?)
-Revlon Supe Lustrous Lipgloss (010 – Shine City)

1. Firstly cleanse your skin using your favourite cleanser, then apply your moisturiser ( I used simple’s facial moisturiser).
2. Put on your powder (I recently read that putting powder on before foundation/BB Cream works better and I decided to try it) and then apply your BB Cream. Fingers work best.
3. Cover your lips in the lip butter and put on your lipstick.
4. Smear some BB cream onto your eyelids as a sort of primer. Put a thin line of eyeliner onto your eyelid. On top of this line draw another line with the colour blast eyeshadow.
5. Finally, using the gold eyeshadow add a line just below your eyebrow and a small amount to your inner eye.